San Marcos, TX

Currently accepting submission for a licensed journeyman electrician.  


Install, maintain, and repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures. Ensure that work is in accordance with relevant codes. 


Reasonable Accommodations Statement

To accomplish this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform, with or without reasonable accommodation, each essential function satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to help enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. 

Essential Functions Statement(s)

• Plan layout and installation of electrical wiring, equipment, or fixtures, based on job specifications and local codes. 

• Connect wires to circuit breakers, transformers, or other components. 

• Test electrical systems or continuity of circuits in electrical wiring, equipment, or fixtures, using testing devices, such as ohmmeters, voltmeters, or oscilloscopes, to ensure compatibility and safety of system. 

• Use a variety of tools or equipment, such as power construction equipment, measuring devices, power tools, and testing equipment, such as oscilloscopes, ammeters, or test lamps. 

• Inspect electrical systems, equipment, or components to identify hazards, defects, or the need for adjustment or repair, and to ensure compliance with codes. 

• Prepare sketches or follow blueprints to determine the location of wiring or equipment and to ensure conformance to building and safety codes. 

• Diagnose malfunctioning systems, apparatus, or components, using test equipment and hand tools to locate the cause of a breakdown and correct the problem. 

• Work from ladders, scaffolds, or roofs to install, maintain, or repair electrical wiring, equipment, or fixtures. 

• Advise management on whether continued operation of equipment could be hazardous. 

• Maintain current electrician's license or identification card to meet governmental regulations. 

• Place conduit, pipes, or tubing, inside designated partitions, walls, or other concealed areas, and pull insulated wires or cables through the conduit to complete circuits between boxes. 

• Direct or train workers to install, maintain, or repair electrical wiring, equipment, or fixtures. 

• Repair or replace wiring, equipment, or fixtures, using hand tools or power tools. 

• Install ground leads and connect power cables to equipment, such as motors. 

• Assemble, install, test, or maintain electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatus, or fixtures, using hand tools or power tools. 

• Perform business management duties, such as maintaining records or files, preparing reports, or ordering supplies or equipment. 

• Fasten small metal or plastic boxes to walls to house electrical switches or outlets. 

• Construct or fabricate parts, using hand tools, according to specifications. 

• Perform physically demanding tasks, such as digging trenches to lay conduit or moving or lifting heavy objects. 

• Provide assistance during emergencies by operating floodlights or generators, placing flares, or driving needed vehicles. 

• Provide preliminary sketches or cost estimates for materials or services. 

• Assist and perform other mechanical maintenance duties outside of standard electrician duties throughout the facility. 

• Assist and provide support to other maintenance personnel when installing, maintaining, or repairing equipment throughout the facility. 



Competency Statement(s)

• Organized - Possessing the trait of being organized or following a systematic method of performing a task. 

• Detail Oriented - Ability to pay attention to the minute details of a project or task. 

• Safety Awareness - Ability to identify and correct conditions that affect employee safety. 

• Problem Solving - Ability to find a solution for or to deal proactively with work-related problems. 

• Judgment - The ability to formulate a sound decision using the available information. 

• Decision Making - Ability to make critical decisions while following company procedures. 

• Accuracy - Ability to perform work accurately and thoroughly. 



Education:   High School Graduate or General Education Degree (GED): Required

Experience:  Industrial Electrician Level I

                     1 plus years of experience in Industrial Electrical Field

                   Industrial Electrician Level II

                        5 plus years of experience in Industrial Electrical Field